Sunday, October 22, 2017

Game Review : Root Double Before Crimes After Day Xtend edition

Dear All,

It's been long time since I last review visual novel games. I have just finished my last game which is Root Double Before Crimes After Days. I don't know how to explain the games. It just wonderful. I mean after playing many visual novel games. You kind of expecting more and more. And I can say with confidence that Root Double Before Crimes really deliver what I want. It was just that great. Well, the game itself is quite unique. I mean basically there are 2 protagonists. The first one is Watase Kasasagi, Elite Rescue Squad Captain and the second one is BC junior high school Natsuhiko Tenkawa. They don't know each other but their path crossed when the event in the game happened. The story is about what truly happened at LABO when there are many explosions. Is it nuclear meltdown ? terrorist ? sabotage ? or something else. The truth is darker than what have been told. Everyone have their own mystery and secrets. 

You can only find the truth after you finish all the routes. Basically there are 4 routes. The first route is what's happening at the moment. It was told from Watase perspective. The second routes tell story several days before it happened from Natsuhiko perspective. The third routes tell about the first route from Natsuhiko perspective. And the last route (maybe ???) is everyone working together to solve the problem. Why I said maybe ?? Because until I make this post, I still haven't finished the true ending. Why ?? I try to get the true ending but it was quite confusing. There are so many options (in the name of sense sympathy) that you have to make. One mistake and you were strayed from the path of true ending. I doubt people can get true ending without walk through. But from what I read about true ending, it really worth it. Hopefully I can get the true ending soon. The game itself is quite long. I mean even after playing for about 35 hours, I still haven't managed to get true ending and playing xtend episodes. 

The graphic and the music is really memorable. I mean the mood of the game really amplifies because of the music. I doubt the experience will be that great without the music. Another great aspect is voice acting. The developer (Yesti, Regista) really spare no expense for the voice acting. I applaud the seiyus for giving great performance. This is one hell of great visual novel. I can imagine the staffs pour all their efforts to make this awesome game. 

Of course despite all great points about this game, I still have some criticism. First, it was quite difficult. I don't mean difficult in sense of moving forward. More like difficult in terms to get true ending. You kind have to replay it again and again. Fortunately there's skip and jump. Still it feels like an unnecessary obstacle. Second, some people may not like the story. and ending. How to say this, it feels quite naive and yet provocative at the same time. But I cannot explain it clearly. I may not being rational here. Overall, I really recommend this amazing and unique visual novel. Cannot wait for another game from this developer. 

Rating : 9.5 of 10 stars


Saturday, October 7, 2017

Game Review : World End Economica

                                             World End Economica Episode 1 Opening

                                            World End Economica Episode 2 Opening

                                             World End Economica Episode 3 Opening

Dear All,

I am back. Currently I am quite busy with my job so I cannot post review as often as before. But still I hope to post routinely. Now I would like to review this great visual novel games. Maybe from the tittle, you can guess that this game have something to do with economics. You guess right, this game is not your ordinary visual novel game. But in this game, you learn many things about economy and stocks. Stock ? Yes that stocks.

In this game, we play as young immigrant boy from earth nick name Hal. This game take setting in the moon. Many companies and wealthy individuals have move into the moon to improve their life. Well, who don't want to leave crowded earth after all ^^. Well, the truth is moon have their own problems. There are many poor people and the gap between the elite rich and poor are very big. The story is about the journey of our protagonist using stock to improve his life and people close to him and fulfill his dream.

This game is divided on 3 episodes. The timeline is about 8 years with 4 years in between episodes. There aren't voice actings but the graphic, sound, and story make up for it. I really like it. It was quite unpredictable and twisted. You can feel the pain and sorrow of the characters. It was quite slow at the beginning but after that it really going on. I like that they changed the appearance for the characters between episodes. It makes things refreshing. The ending itself is quite sweet (after so many tenses). I really like it even though you may or may not agree with some element in the story. Anyway, I really recommend this game for people who like visual novel games and the economy is a bonus. You don't have to worry that the economy will overwhelm you. It was explained in simple way that easy to be understand.

Rating : 9 of 10 stars



Thursday, September 28, 2017

Film Review: A Family Man (2016)


Dane Jensen work as headhunter in company. He need to reach the target or he could lost his job. He worked very hard to keep the target given by his boss. He even doesn't have time for his family. One day, his son is diagnosed with cancer. He starts to spent much time with his family and begin to prioritize what is important in his life.


The idea of this film is good to remind hard working man to spent more time with his family before it is really taken away from him. This film is really dominated by the acting of Gerard Butler, he really gives his best in this film.

I enjoyed this film, how Dane and his wife, Elise fight over what is important to be prioritized. They often caught fight of who makes more money and who covers for the family. Elise spent her time as a full time three kids mom, while Dane has career as succesful headhunter. While Dane is pretty arogant when fight over who makes more money, Dane himself is a good headhunter, he never give up to help Lou, a 59 years old who always get rejected worked in anywhere because of his age.

Dane spent much time with his son Ryan, after he is diagnosed with cancer and because of this, his boss ed fire him. After get fired, Dane create his own headhunter company at home and spent his time  for his family.

While the story is pretty good, I really did not feel the climax of this film, I expect some real climax at the ending, but it just ends like that and I pretty dissapointed with the ending. I mean in real life, who does not want to work at home and spent much time with family? While in reality, life can't be that easier. Life expenses keep running like water flowing. Let's say, Dane started new company, with his wife as full time mom and three kids, how long Dane' savings could covered for all of them until his business succeed ? That's why I think the ending is too fairy tale and not really impress me. Yet, I still recommend this film if you like Gerard Butler or you like drama or family melodrama.

Rating: 6.5/10

Thanks for reading.

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Game Review : Memory's Dogma CODE: 01

Review :

It's been some time since I play this game. I buy this game from Bundle Sekai Project. It's the second game that I play after Fault Milestone Series. I can say that this game doesn't make me fall in love like Fault Milestone Series. They have different theme and style after all. Still it was a good and interesting game in its own way. The story is about memory and supernatural related science fiction. The setting was Japan in the future where you can store the memory and "communicate" with deceased person up to 5 days. Personally, after playing Fault, I can see that the graphic is quite average (not bad) and the sound is nothing memorable. Basically this is great visual novel but nothing unique. But I have to point out though that the voice actor is amazing.

One thing I have to warned is that there are some violent scenes. It's not graphic but ... I find it quite disturbing for my own self. Well I have low tolerance for violent scene after all. The characters are quite bland. I don't know how to express it but I don't really care for them or maybe I am just too tired to care about them after playing amazing Fault series game. The story itself is quite good and unpredictable but a little boring. Maybe some of you guys can guess that this is part one. So it means that the ending is open ending. But I like this kind of ending as long as it's not leave a bad taste.

I recommend this game for people who like to dwell with science fiction story.

Review : 7 of 10 stars


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

MSC Indonesia: ... and the winner is...

Mobile Legends Southeast Championship that held in Taman Anggrek mal, Jakarta, Indonesia from 1-3rd September 2017.

I did not come to Taman Anggrek because I am not live in Jakarta at the moment, yet I watch it live from youtube. I even did not realized there is MSC border event because I am too intense watching these matches and I got something else to do in my real life.

My favorite from the start is I Do Not Sleep (INDS) from Thailand. I like their teamwork and their playing skills. Yet I also really hope Saint Indo can go through big 3.

Saint Indo lost the first match against Impunity from Singapore and then win from E8 from indonesia but lost again to Solid Gaming Alpha from Philipines.

I do not sleep squad also lost 1 time from salty salad but at the grand final, they can beat Salty Salad and become 1st winner. I personally liked how they can learnt from enemy strategy by using estes as support and beat their rafaela strategy. The bad side using Estes/Rafaela is the other team members need to protect estes/rafaela from enemies, because either estes/rafaela will be 1st prey because they really support and give life to other members. Therefore, other teammate need to show their teamwork and protect each other, especially estes/rafaela.

I think the winner is not the one who never lost, but the one who can get up from their lost and do another strategy to win.

Congratulation I Do Not Sleep !!

Kind regards,


Thursday, August 31, 2017

Book Review: Ten tiny breaths series by K.A. Tucker (2012)

Book 1: Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker


This is the love story between Kacey and Trent. Kacey has lost her parents and bestfriend and her boyfriend during car accident many years ago. It turtn that Trent is in the car of someone who crush Kacey' car. Dr Stayner as Kacey and Trent' shrink help them to forgive each other and start their romance.

Rating: 4/5

Book 2: One Tiny Lie by K.A. Tucker


Livie as Kacey' sister always plan for her life. She wants to live the life that her parents might be proud of her. She wants to enter Princeton and be pediatrician. After she met Ashton, she fall in love with him while she still in relationship with Connor, Ashton' roomate and Livie' life was about to change after she had first night with Asthon. Dr Stayner help Kacey get through when her life is about to fall.

I feel like Dr. Stayner role in Livie' life is really unnecessary. What Livie been through as a college student is realy normal in my opinion.

Rating: 3/5

Book 3: Four seconds to lose by K.A. Tucker


At first, this story was interesting but the ending I think its pretty rush or just not really as I was expected. Cain in love with Charlie because she remind him of his first love, Penny. She later leave cain, because of his stepfather, Sam keep put her life to danger with his drug business. Later when Cain investigate Charlie, it is known that Charlie is only 18 years old girl and she still accept her and it is unknown her real name beside we know her as Charlie, her fake identity.

Honestly, the idea of story is pretty interesting but the detail is lost here and there.

Rating: 3.5/5

I hope this helps when you want to read K.A. Tucker books. I still read the book 4, Five ways to fall, I will update later when I finish that book.

Note: I slightly read the 0.5 book, title In her wake, I just saw that book in a glimpse, that book is telling about how Trent recover from his traumatic with Dr. Stayner' help. He changed his real name because he can't stand to live as old him and show his struggle to pass his traumatic after cause Kacey lost his family, bestfriends and boyfriend, also him losing his bestfriends. The story is pretty boring for me. But if you really curious what behind Trent' background, I should say you should read this book.

Thanks for reading.



Sunday, August 27, 2017

Film Review : Gundam 00 Awakening Of The Trailblazer

Dear All,

Now I would like to review Gundam 00 movie called Gundam 00 : Awakening of the Trailblazer. Well, this is an old movie but at that time, anime movie was still not broadcasted in my country until CGV. I am grateful for CGV for the subsequent anime movie broadcasted after that. This movie is the continuation from anime Gundam 00 second season. It was set 2 years later with Sherman Descartes as the second innovater after Setsuna F. Seiei (the protagonist). Now after 2 years, there are many progress for Earth Federation side with them being able to replicate most Celestial Being technology. But with that, comes along new enemy and they have to fight for humanity suvival.

I say that the first half of the movie is quite slow. For people who want action, they have to wait until second half. I understand that they try to create backstory but it was too long. They can replace most of the scene and nothing will change. But when it's going, it's really going. The action is top notch. I really like the battle. It was very tense. You can feel the hope, struggle, and the spirit. Besides, there are several deaths for our beloved characters. It was quite sad. Well, I have spoiled enough. They say the rest is history.

The main characters are still the same. They use the same voice actors. I don't know why but I feel little different in their voices. It feels like they tone down their voice. I prefer the original voice. The plot itself is quite not Gundam. I mean this is the first time Gundam involving alient in their fight for peace. But I like that. Keep using the same formula will be boring after all. And don't ask me about the alient because I am not alient expert. LOL. Overall, the animation, music, and style is the same with Gundam 00 TV series. So, people who love Gundam 00 will love this one if they can get pass it into second half. I like the addition of epilogue. It really close the story well. Of course, they can always make another story. It was full of potential after all.

Rating : 7 of 10 stars


Sunday, August 20, 2017

Film Review : K Missing Kings

Dear All, 

Now I would like to review about movie tittle K Missing Kings. This movie is an old one from 2014 (if I am not wrong). But I decide to review it now because I just watch it. For some reason, I cannot watch it at that time. So, I am very grateful to be able to watch it now. This movie is continuation from anime tittle K. I quite like the anime even though it was quite short. In this movie, we have the same characters (even dead characters came back via dream ^^). Besides, there's also new antagonist characters. 

The movie tell story about Mihasihara Tower assault. On rainy night, certain group attack Mihasihara Tower (it was in Gold Clan territory). Because of this, Blue clan was called to help but unfortunately they cannot do anything except doing blockade (they don't want to violate other clan territory). It was revealed that this group is after certain thing that have been guarded for a long time. When the good guys think that bad guys gonna win, certain new King appear and the rest is history. 

Let say that I really like this movie but of course things could have been better. I really like the bad guys. I don't know how to describe it but characters are the strong points from K and K Missing Kings and its subsequent sequel K Return of Kings, after the animation. They really make every characters unique. You care about all of them. Unfortunately the story is quite pale. I mean it have interesting promise, but the execution are short of expectation. Let's not talk about the ending. They clearly make it with the sequel in mind because of cliff hanger. Overall, this is top notch anime movie. The production team clearly spare no expense for the animation, graphic, sound, and voice actors. They use many famous voice actors for his movie after all, like Mamoru Miyano, Tomokazu Sugita, Jun Fukuyama, Daisuke Ono, Masakaya Matsukaze, Kenji Tsuda, Kaori Nazuka, Yui Horie, etc

Anyway, I really recommend this movie for K lovers or anime lovers or people who just want to watch action anime.

Rating : 8 of 10.  


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Game Review: Mobile Legends


This is not so new game moba 5 vs. 5. This game is booming right now and getting bigger and bigger. They will conduct the grand final southeast asia at Mal Taman Anggrek 1-3rd September. They already have qualification later in each country to have total 8 teams. The total prize is $100,000 USD total. Which details as below:

Prize Pool Distribution:

Champion: US$50,000

2nd Place: US$25,000

3rd Place: US $ 10,000

4th Place: US$6,000

5th-6th Place: US$3000 * 2

7th-8th Place: US$1,500 * 2

I thought it should be divided by 5 as each team has 5 members. Lets say US50,000, so each member will earn US$10,000. It is quite a lot for gaming competition.

Last time when elimination contest to select 2 teams in Jakarta, Gandaria. The champion no 1 get IDR40,000,000, so each member can earn IDR8,000,000 (8 million IDR), 50,000 diamonds (to buy skins and stuff in game) and handphone OPPO. It is quite a lot for gaming competititon. This game is absolutely earn a lot that they can give total price USD100,000 in competition.

I played this game since around february and I have to say I enjoyed pretty much. But lately I have burn out to play rank games, because it seems hard for me to continue to raise my star ranks. Especially if I have bad teams or rude teams. Currently I am at Epic rank and I want to take rest, because no matter how hard I tried to push Legends, I am always stuck at Epic. I am grateful to be at Epic, at least I tried hard to be in Epic :)

This game is pretty competitive and need right teammate and strategy. When you lost rank game, you will lose stars too. I recommend this game if you really liked dota. I never played dota but I heard it is similar to dota, the difference that this is mobile, so you could play anywhere you feel comfortable.

Unfortunately, though this game is pretty competitive and addicting, the lagging always bother me. I need to stay near to the wifi router everytime I played this game, because this game need really a lot of internet data bandwith. Some friends decide to retire this game because they can't afford to purchase a lot of data internet.

My rating: 8/10.

Best regards,


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Film Review: Everything, Everything


Madeline had immuno-deficiency disease  meaning she can't go out from the house this 17 years because she will die if she affected with virus or bacteria from outside. Later she saw a guy from neighbourhood named Olly, he gives her his number and they begin to contact each other since.


Maddy likes Olly, the boy from neighbourhood who likes to notice her since the first time. He sent the cake to her house and gives her his number. Since then they contacted each other. Olly always convince her that although she sick, she still can experiences what healthy people experienced, love.
they're kissed and they texting each other.

Oneday, Maddy said to Olly that she wanted to see the ocean. Later, Olly decorated her room with all of oceans wallpapers. Maddy run from house to Olly and they both go to Hawaii. Maddy became sick in Hawaii and have to go hospital, later she come back home. Maddy received call from hospital from Hawaii and she found out that she never really had STID the autoimmune deficiency disease, it is just her mother scenario that she sicked and she need to be always at home. Her mother become protective of her because she did not want to lose Maddy again after losing her father and sibling. Later Maddy come to New York to reconcile with Olly.

I thought this story is too impossible to be true. I mean what kind of mother to treat her daughter that way, her daughter not even can have proper school. I don't think Maddy' mother really care the future of her daughter. This is the teenager love story, this is still good love story, with good actor and actress, this is entertaining love story. I recommend any teenager who likes love story to watch this film.

Rating: 7/10

Best Regards,